MAY 3rd, 2018


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Date: 2018 May 03, Thursday
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Room 203 & 204
Duration: 8.5 hours [09:00 – 17:30] Justification letter

Blockchain is an emerging and important technology that could prove to be a disruptive force – it will change the way businesses are conducted. The increasing confidence in capabilities of blockchain, across many industries, from Finance to Health, also makes it an interesting area with high potential growth.

Crypto-currency is a well known area influenced by the blockchain technology. Other industries are soon going to be affected by applications of the blockchain technology. How? Find out soon by attending this boot camp.

This boot-camp will familiarize you with aspects and applications of the blockchain technology. It will give you a comprehensive overview of the technology and also introduce you with many details that are of practical values. Some topics that you will learn are:

  1. Blockchain – an overview and perspective: A quick introduction to the technology and current applications, emerging and future trends in many industries under the influence of blockchain.
  2. Blockchain – workings and details: Dive deep into details – cryptography, game theory, hashing, network protocols, and formal verification. All the basics that you need to comprehend the technology will be covered.
  3. Blockchain – programming: Review of Bitcoin source code and programmer’s view of crypto-currency and blockchain.
  4. Smart Contracts: Quick crash course on how Smart Contracts and the Ethereum platform.

After this bootcamp, you will be able to understand how blockchain is going to affect your organization specifically, your industry generally and also the society in general.
1. Bring your laptop for the hands-on sessions.
2. Bring your photo ID for verification.


TiE Inflect 2018 Blockchain Bootcamp

Start Time End Time Title/Session Description
8:00 9:00 Registration & Badging
09:00 10:30 Blockchain Applications in Various Industries This Blockchain introduction will give you insight into how Blockchains work, why they are useful and how they can be implemented in a business context. Blockchain has the promise to decentralize trust, and make centralized third parties obsolete. When that becomes a reality it will impact almost every business, organization, and individual on the planet. During this session we will cover blockchain technology, the promise of Web3.0, and we will look at its disruptive potential in industries such as Fintech, Energy, IoT, Supply Chain, Education.

Dr. Alexander Fred-Ojala will take you on this journey. Alexander is co-founder and the Research Director of the UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Lab.

10:30 12:00 Private Blockchains with hands-on demo Computer companies like IBM, Intel, Oracle, Baidu and Microsoft, and many key players in different vertical industry segments have recognized the applicability of blockchains in environments other than cryptocurrencies. This segment of the Blockchain Bootcamp will cover the adoption and further adaptation of the blockchain concept of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Smart Contract generalization of the latter for use in the private or permissioned environments. Dr. C. Mohan will expound reasons why such private blockchain systems are the ones of practical consequence from scalability, performance and privacy perspectives.

We will survey the landscape of private blockchain systems with respect to their architectures in general and their approaches to some specific technical areas. We will also discuss some of the opportunities that exist, and the technical and organizational challenges that need to be addressed. We will also discuss many use case scenarios in which private blockchain systems have been deployed for production usage.

Dr. C. Mohan is an IBM Fellow (IBM Almaden Research Center) and Distinguished Visiting Professor (Tsinghua University).

Swetha Repakula, who currently works with IBM as Hperledger Fabric Open Source Developer, will be leading your hand-on session.

12:00 12:45 Lunch
13:00 14:30 Blockchain – Algorithms, Data Structures and Scalabilty Dr. Shiva Kintali will take you into the intriguing world of indispensable concepts of algorithms and data structures, cryptographic hash functions and asymmtric-key data encryption and many other technologies that are used in making the blockchain a reality. He will also introduce you to the practical issues faced by the
scalability of solutions provided by blockchain technologies (e.g. Bitcoin). You will be well familiar with the pros and cons of the proposed solutions to make the technology it very scalable

Dr. Shiva Kintali is a Founder and CEO of TrueShelf. Before starting TrueShelf he taught at Princeton University. His interests are in diverse fields including Mathematics and Cryptography.

14:30 16:00 Review of Code Technologies in Crypocurrencies This session will introduce you to the protocol and functionality of Bitcoin and programming using the Bitcoin blockchain. You will be familiarized with Elliptic Curves, symmetric key (SHA-256) cryptography and hashcash algorithm used to secure bitcoin mining. Workings of Bitcpoin wallet will be explained. Practical aspects of users signing and submitting transactions to the network, setting up a Bitcoin node, participating in the network and broadcasting of new blocks to a decentralized ledger will also be covered. Other famous cryptocurrencies based on the Bitcoin protocol, Ethereum, Riple, IOTA, Zcash, etc. will be discussed. Bitcoin hard forks such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold will be touched upon too.

Gillian Chu, who is a Senior Developer at Blockchain @ Berkely, will be leading you on this exploration.

16:00 17:30 Programming Smart Contracts In the last session we will give a more detailed description of the unique aspects of the Ethereum blockchain and its decentralized platform that can run smart contracts. We will show how to develop Decentralized Applications (DApps) that interact with and run Smart Contracts on the turing complete “distributed global computer” Ethereum’s Virtual Machine. We will introduce contemporary tools like the Truffle suite and Ganache for developing and testing Smart Contracts. We will show how Mist, a browser for decentralized web apps, works and how to use Geth to actually connect and interact with blockchains.

We will deploy a smart contract to a virtual test network, talk about contract design for optimal gas usage as well as security implications and considerations. Lastly, we will go over the ERC20 token standard for the Ethereum platform, and how you can create your own utility token / ICO on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thomas Ferry, who is co-founder of Berkeley Leadership Network, will be your expositor during this session.

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